Welcome to the Village of Coldwater!

If your focus is on family and a priority is placed on living in a community where it is safe, solid, and friendly with an area rich in work ethic, family bonding, community pride, and quality living; then there is a community where your dream can come true.

The place for all of this and more is Coldwater, Ohio.  Located in the country side, yet within easy reach of several metropolitan areas, Coldwater is like an oasis.  Established in 1838 by mostly German immigrants, Coldwater has evolved into a diverse community.  Many individuals and businesses have contributed to the development of the village in which 4427 people now call home.

The excellent schools, village library, and emergency services that include a state of the art hospital, also symbolize quality at its best.  Coldwater offers great shopping along with strong civic and church organizations.  Residents and businesses take great pride on the maintenance and cleanliness of their property.  Affordable municipal utilities and a 40 acre recreational park all make Coldwater a very attractive town where “The family is our most important product!”

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Village of Coldwater
Electric Aggregation Program

To check your enrollment status or to join the Village’s electric aggregation program,
contact the following:

Affordable Gas and Electric
Jordan Haarmann

Please have a recent copy of your bill with you when calling. The following items need to be pulled directly from your Dayton Power & Light bill.

1. Name on the account
2. Account number
3. Service address for the account


MAY/JUNE    THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2019   HOURS: 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM     
  FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019  HOURS: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
           SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2019  HOURS: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

You are required to bring your DRIVER’S LICENSE with you when you go to drop off your items.  You will be required to show it before entering the dumpsite.   This service is for Coldwater village residents only.